Grade 5 - Unit 5 Math

Unit 5: Multiply and Divide Fractions Text Mr. Yen's Videos 

Youtube Video Names and Links
Chapter 10 - Multiply Fractions
Location: Fractions / Multiplying Fractions
Lesson 1 - Hands On: Multiply Whole Numbers and Fractions 210 Multiplying Fractions Using the Area Model Multiplying Fractions Using an Area Model 
Lesson 2 - Multiply Fractions
Lesson 2a
212 Multiplying Fractions and Simplifying Using the Common Factor Approach Mutiplying Fractions the Common Factors Approach
Lesson 3 - Mutiply with Mixed Numbers 216 Multiplying Fractions… A Simpler Way Multiplying Fractions: A Simpler Way
Lesson 4 - PS Field Trip: Museum of Making Music 220 Multiplying Mixed Numbers Multiplying Mixed Numbers
Review/Test 224

Chapter 11 - Divide Fractions
Location: Fractions / Dividing Fractions
Lesson 1 - Hands On: Divide by a Unit Fraction 228

Lesson 2 - Divide Fractions by a Counting Number 230 Dividing Fractions by a Counting Number Dividing Fractions by a Counting Number
Lesson 3 - Divide by a Fraction 234 Dividing Fractions Dividing Fractions
Lesson 4 - Divide with Mixed Numbers 236 Mixed Numbers Dividing Dividing Mixed Numbers and Fractions
Lesson 5 - Problem Solving Plan: Reasonable Answers 240

Review/Test 244