Grade 5 - Unit 3 Math

Unit 3: Algebra Text Mr. Yen's Videos 

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Chapter 5 - Expressions and Equations

Lesson 1 - Hands On: Algebra and Patterns
Location: Algebra
Lesson 2 - Simplify Expressions
Writing and Evaluating Expressions Wriitng and Evaluating Expressions
Lesson 3 - Write and Evaluate Expressions
Order of Operations Order of Operations 
Lesson 4 - Write and Solve Equations
Order of Operations Revisited Order of Operations Revisited
Lesson 5 - Variables and Functions
Equalities and Inequalities with Exponents Equations and Inequalities with Exponents
Lesson 6 - Problem Solving Strategy:  Write an Expression
Solving Equations Solving Algebraic Equations

Chapter 6 - Properties
Location: Adding and Subracting Whole Numbers
Lesson 1 - Hands On: Model the Distributive Property
Addition Properties Addition Properties
Lesson 2 - Use the Distributive Property
Location: Multiplication of Whole Numbers
Lesson 3 - Properties of Addition
Multiplication Properties
Multiplication Properties
Lesson 4 - Properties of Multiplication
Distributive Property
Distributive Property
Lesson 5 - PS Field Trip: Fresno Metropolitan Museum