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Homework 4/20 - 4/24

posted Apr 20, 2020, 7:59 AM by Craig Yen   [ updated Apr 24, 2020, 9:22 AM ]
More assignments / info in Google Classroom including Morning Meeting

Monday, 4/20
HW Book Lesson 24
Newsela - 2 articles (Work on 3 activities total for these articles) (use your Google Account)
Science (for the week on Tides within Classroom)
Social Studies - Video and summary (in Classroom)          
      (accidentally listed twice, only do one)
Contribute to the Flipgrid for the Week about music
  Be sure to visit Wonderopolis link noted on Topic

Tuesday, 4/21
HW Book Lesson 25
Continue Work on State Report Writing (Next section)
i-Ready Reading Lessons (30 minutes)
IXL Work (Remember to log in and work for 20 minutes)
  You may want to log in to Clever, go to Brainpop, and watch       Poetry video first.
100 Word Challenge - See assignment in Classroom
  Click here to view last week's shares from other classes
Remember to take AR tests if you need to

Wednesday 4/22
HW Book Lesson 26
i-Ready Math Lessons (30 minutes)
Social Studies - Read Lesson 4 and work on graphic organizer (linked in Classroom... attach organizer and turn in)
Current Events - Watch PBS Learning Media Current Events Video and complete quiz (in Classroom)
Science - Earth Day Hyperdoc within Classroom
Art (Choose an Activity and submit to weekly gallery within Classroom)

Thursday 4/23
Video - Module 4 Lesson 27 (use PS book and finish        majority of the lesson.)
Chose 3 problems to complete in HW book
Do Freckle Reading (30 minutes)
Scholastic News (<-- linked... read magazine: "The Game That Changed My Life" within Classroom)
  Complete activities (log in through Classroom)
Log in to IXL and practice for at least 30 minutes
   (include the @valleverde for username if you click below)
Continue working on State Report Writing
Complete Science if you need to
Friday 4/24
Morning: Group Challenge Work (10 & 12:45 Zooms)
Afternoon: Finish Unfinished Assignments
(remember to click TURN IN within classroom and to attach files if needed)

In addition:

PE (100 minutes) (follow week's activities in Ms. Sabby's classroom)
Stay active... here are some choices or go on a walk
Go Noodle - Create an account and exercise

Music (at least 30 minutes per week)
Read from AR Book 20 minutes each day