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Homework 3/30 - 4/2

posted Mar 29, 2020, 5:01 PM by Craig Yen   [ updated Apr 2, 2020, 9:55 AM ]
Monday 3/30
Do Math Review for Lessons 1-12 Slideshow (In Google classroom)
Math Puzzle Challenge (for week) *can print
Science - Read/Do Science IT P. 128-133 (Lesson 1: The Sun)
  Watch the Three PBS Learning Media videos about the Sun
  Either on paper or in Google Docs take notes
Newsela - 2 articles (Work on 3 activities total for these articles) (use your Google Account)
Flipgrid Assignment Teach Your Class Something (up to 5 minutes in length) - Plan

Tuesday 3/31
Do HW Book Lesson 17
Writing - Complete 100 WC in Google Slides. Visit previous two week's 100 WC and comment on them.
Social Studies (See assignment in Google Classroom / Classwork)
Science - Watch in Learn 360 via Ed1stop 
  The Solar System - Jot notes in  your science journal or separate paper
I-Ready\ Reading Lesson (30 minutes)
Showcase yourself reading fluently from one of your favorite books on Flipgrid or use Vocaroo - Include in Shared Slideshow
Wednesday, 4/1 
Do HW Book Lesson 18
Science - Read/Do Science IT P. 134-137 (Lesson 2: The Sun)
Log in to Brainpop via Ed1stop and take quiz (save snapshot)
   - Go to Ed1stop.com and click on Brainpop
   - Type in username and password
   - Search for "The Sun"
   - Watch video and take quiz (take picture for The Sun)
   - Can do other activities 
Art - Create a piece and share to the class gallery (link within morning message)
Do Freckle Math (30 minutes, not fact practice)
Continue work with State Report Note Taking
Work on April Fools Activity in Classroom

Thursday 4/2
Do HW Book Lesson 19
I-Ready MathLesson (30 minutes)
Choose one of the two Wonders to explore 
Record in Docs or Flipgrid about the Wonder(summary, under 1 minute)
Review - Group Work. (to be assigned in Google Classroom)
PE (100 minutes) (or follow last week's activities in classroom)
Stay active... here are some choices or go on a bike ride, a hike with family, etc.
Go Noodle - Create an account and exercise

Music (at least 30 minutes)

Read from AR Book 20 minutes each day
     Where's your favorite place to read? Have you read in the back yard? In the garage? 
    In a tent?

More assignments / info in Google Classroom including Morning Meeting