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Distance Learning 5/11 - 5/15

posted May 10, 2020, 4:23 PM by Craig Yen   [ updated May 17, 2020, 12:27 PM ]
Module 5, Lesson 3 (a few problems from HW book demonstrated)
HW Book Lesson 3 (all, Link to PDF if you don't have packet)
Language Arts - Newsela - two articles (Work on 3 activities) (use your Google Account)
Science - Virtual Field Trip (Panda and the Forests of China for the week)
Writing 100 Word Challenge (in classroom) Be sure to visit some posts from last week

HW Book Lesson 4 (all)
IXL Work - Log in and work on for 15 minutes
Reading i-Ready Reading Lessons (30 minutes)
Social Studies Assignment (within Classroom)

HW Book Lesson 5 (all)
IXL Work - Log in and work on for 15 minutes
PBS Learning Media (Take quiz on paper & reflect)
Do Freckle Reading (30 minutes, code:RU5N25)
Art (Choose an Activity and submit to weekly gallery within Classroom)
Social Studies Assignment (within Classroom)

HW Book Lesson 6 (all except #2 and #3)
Kahoot on Volume (Game PIN: 02008909)
Science - Virtual Field Trip (Great Forests of China)
IXL Work - Log in for 15 minutes (choose 1)
Challenge Group Work
Complete Unfinished Work

Through the Week: 
PE (100 minutes) (follow week's activities in Ms. Sabby's Google Classroom)
Other PE chioices: (or hike, bike, walk, run)

Music (at least 30 minutes per week)
  Within Mr. Wright's Google Classroom

Read AR Book 20 minutes each day

Flipgrid (see Classroom stream)