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Engage NY - Module 1

Coloring Squared - (Choose a skill in 5th grade) Color the squares for the picture.

Programs we've used so far this year

Freckle - Class code RU5N25 (first name and last initial)

i-Ready Lessons (log in through Clever)
Topic A (lessons 1 -4) Multiplicative Powers on a Place Value Chart

Topic B (lesson 5-6) Decimal Fractions and Place Value 
1.    Convert decimals between standard and expanded form
Also consider:
    Understanding decimals expressed in words
    Place values in decimal numbers
    Compare decimal numbers
    Put decimal numbers in order

Topic C (lessons 7-8) Place Value and Rounding Decimals

Topic D (lessons 9-10) Adding and Subtracting Decimals

1.    Add decimal numbers
2.    Subtract decimal numbers
3.    Add and subtract decimal numbers
4.    Add and subtract decimals: word problems
Also consider:
    Add and subtract money amounts
    Add and subtract money: word problems

Topic E (lessons 11-12) Multiplying Decimals

IXL Work Continued:

Topic F (lessons 13-16) Dividing Decimals

Homework Help & Videos from Duane Habecker, Oakdale
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Can use the practice that follow the videos and take the quiz

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