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Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, California Science

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    Fifth Grade Online Textbook - Username: casci05 Password:  redwood

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California State Content Standards for Science

There are three areas of study for science in fifth grade:

    Life Sciences, 1st Trimester (Structure of Living Things, Plant Structures, and Human Body Systems)

    Earth Science, 2nd Trimester (Earth's Water, Weather, and the Solar System)
    Physical Science, 3rd Trimester (Matter and Changes in Matter)

An understanding of the vocabulary behind the science will be of great help on tests.  Students have both a textbook and an interactive textbook (IT) that can assist in preparation for tests.  Labs are conducted in class to build upon student's knowledge of the material.  Students receive outline and vocabulary sheets in class at the start of each chapter.  Students are expected to work on these primarily at home as we work on each chapter. They are welcome to take home their textbook or access the textbook online to assist in completing this material. Sheets are due on the day of the test and count towards 10% of a student's grade.

Students may want to utilize the online resources from the textbook series to help understand the material.  Often times within the computer lab, we utilize some of the following resources.

Fifth Grade Online Resources

Macmillan-Mcgraw Hill

             Grade 5 Online Student Edition

             Username: casci05 Password:  redwood


             Activities – or follow the chapter links

             Life Science

             Chapter 1
- Structure of Living Things


             Chapter 2 - Plant Structures and Functions
             Chapter 3 - Human Body Systems

                Earth Science

             Chapter 4 -
Earth's Water
Chapter 5 - Earth's Weather
             Chapter 6 - The Solar System

             Physical Science

             Chapter 7 - Types of Matter

             Chapter 8 - Changes in Matter