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Social Studies

HarcourtAtlas, virtual tours, news, activities and games.

Access to Online Textbook: (5y#, password given in class)

Mission Sites


US Map Work / States and Capitals

States and Capitals - Level 1 - Shephard Software

Capital Penguin - States / Capitals Penguin Hop - Arcademic

Locate the States

Show your knowledge of the United States or the World.


Geobee Challenge from National Geographic - Take the Quiz


Geoglobe - Geogames galore

Harcourt – Atlas, virtual tours, news, activities and games.

5th Grade Online Resources

Online Textbook – Requires username and password (given in class)

Chapter 1: Early People

Chapter 2: American Indians

Chapter 3: The Age of Exploration

Lesson 1: Exploration and Technology
Primary Sources: Navigational Tools
Lesson 2: A Changing World
Lesson 3: Spanish Explorations
Biography Page: Estevanico
Lesson 4: Other Nations Explore

Chapter 4: Building the First Colonies

Lesson 1: The Spanish Colonies
Biography Page: Bartolomé de las Casas
Lesson 2: The Virginia Colony
Biography Page: Pocahontas
Lesson 3: The Plymouth Colony
Lesson 4: The French and the Dutch
Field Trip: The Mission San Diego de Alcala

Chapter 5: The New England Colonies

Lesson 1: Settling New England
Biography Page: Anne Hutchinson
Lesson 2: Life in New England
Lesson 3: New England’s Economy
Primary Sources: Colonial Homes

Chapter 6: The Middle Colonies

Chapter 7: The Southern Colonies

Lesson 1: Settling the South
Lesson 2: Life in the South
Biography Page: Olaudah Equiano
Lesson 3: The Southern Economy
Field Trip: Colonial Williamsburg

Chapter 8: The Colonies Unite

Lesson 1: Competition for Control
Lesson 2: Colonists Speak Out
Biography Page: Patrick Henry
Lesson 3: Disagreements Grow
Lesson 4: The Road to War
Biography Page: Phillis Wheatley
Lesson 5: Declaring Independence

Chapter 9: The Revolutionary War

Chapter 10: The Constitution

Chapter 11: The American Republic