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Macmillan-Mcgraw Hill

              Activities – or follow the chapter links

             Life Science

             Chapter 1 – Living Things Need Energy

             Chapter 2 – Living Things and Their Environment

             Earth Science

             Chapter 3 – Rocks and Minerals

             Chapter 4 – Slow Changes on Earth

             Chapter 5 – Fast Changes on Earth

              Physical Science

             Chapter 6 – Electricity

             Chapter 7 – Magnetism

Electricity and Magnetism

 CA Energy Commission Energy Quest
This is an informative site that explores the energy story. Of special interest are chapters 2-5. At the end of each chapter they have a list of links for further exploration.

Science Toys
Science toys that you can make at home that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles, including magnetism and electromagnetism.

Explores magnetism and discusses electromagnetic waves.

Plants and Animals

Food Webs - This interactive site lets you build a food web

Food Chains & Food Webs - Interesting facts and vocabulary definitions 

Explore and learn with Herman the Worm.

The Great Plant Escape

 Help detective Leplant unlock the mysteries of plant life.

 What is a mammal?

 Video This video from brainpop helps to explain how food webs and food chains affect our ecosystem.

 Classify Animals - How many animals can you correctly classify?

Rocks and Minerals

 Learn more about Sedimentary Rocks  (thanks Ms. Bartlett's class)

Kitchen Chemistry - Experiment in this virtual kitchen.

Science Fair Links


Macmillan-Mcgraw Hill


             Activities – or follow the chapter links

             Life Science

             Chapter 1
- Structure of Living Things


             Chapter 2 - Plant Structures and Functions
             Chapter 3 - Human Body Systems

                Earth Science

             Chapter 4 -
Earth's Water
Chapter 5 - Earth's Weather
             Chapter 6 - The Solar System

             Physical Science

             Chapter 7 - Types of Matter

             Chapter 8 - Changes in Matter