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Fourth Grade Houghton Mifflin Resources

Fifth Grade Houghton Mifflin Resources

 AAA Math - Resource that helps breakdown math concepts. 

Math Facts


Tackle Math Ball – In honor of the Superbowl… Select the correct answer to these math fact questions while playing a football game.

Multiplication Hidden Picture - Identify the answer to the problem to uncover a hidden picture underneath.

Multiplication Mystery - Complete the 9 x 9 times table to reveal the picture.

Multiflyer Multiplication

 - Try the Hard setting.

Sum Sense – Drag each tile digit to complete the multiplication equation.

Math Magician – Choose your operation that you want to practice.  You can print your own rewards!

Quick Flash – Practice your times tables here. 

Asteroid Division - Practice your basic facts through 12.

Asteroid Division Game - Practice your division facts

Genius Boxing - Box your way through mental math.



Flowering Fractions - Match flower parts to make whole flowers.

Fraction Pizza – Interactive game on fractions that involves making pizzas!

Fraction Inequality – Compare fraction sentences using >, = , <.

Fraction Shading – Shade the figure to match the equivalent fraction.

 Fractions Jeopardy – Jeopardy style, one or two person game.  Includes all aspects of working with fractions.


 Ambleweb function machine – Try choosing random and “figuring” out the function.  Can you figure out what y (output) is if you put in x (input)?


Decimals and Money

Ordering Decimals – Hit refresh after you’ve finished to sort another 4 numbers.

Show me the Money – Add and subtract money!

Change Maker - Figure out how many of each bill or coin you get back when you pay for something.

Lemonade Stand - Help Larry run his lemonade stand while you practice your multiplication facts.

Cash Out – Practice counting back change at this crazy store.  See how many customers you can help in 3 minutes.




The Factor Game - Challenge the computer or a friend in this game involving factors.


Factorize! - Explore factoring with this interactive.



Maze Game – Guide the robot through a mine field by entering coordinates for the robot to move to.

Billy Bug – How much can you possibly feed  Billy Bug? 

Greg’s Grid Graphs – Greg helps explain coordinate systems.


Locate Aliens - Find the aliens by naming points on a coordinate system.


 Hidden Picture – Do you know your shapes and figures?