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Language Arts

Freckle - Login (class code: THJCZ6) - First Name and Last Initial

Simple subject and simple predicate practice.  Can you win one million dollars?

   Chance #1
   Chance #2

Can you divide these words into syllables?

    Practice # 1

Comma Dive (includes appositives!)

Comic Creator - create your own comic and print it out!

Power Proofreading - Are you up for the editing challenge?

Short Circuit - Maggie needs help fixing a short circuit in her computer, and she needs your help. By linking the prefixes and suffixes to their meaning, you can really help her out.

Synonym Toast - Help Word Girl stop the avalanche of bread slices by choosing synonyms and tossing them into the toaster.

Edit Dan’s Copy – Dan needs your help in editing his news report.

The Grammar Gorillas – They need your help identifying parts of speech. 

It's Greek to Me - Build your vocabulary!