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Classroom Update 9/30

posted Sep 30, 2011, 4:04 PM by Craig Yen   [ updated Sep 30, 2011, 4:35 PM ]
Thank you to all the parents who were able to take their child to the book fair to help support our school!  Thanks also to the many volunteers that helped bring this together. The online book fair continues to run through October 7.  Our classroom will also utilize an online ordering system along with flyers. Your purchases through our classroom will benefit the class by earning scholastic points which will be used to help support classroom instruction including books.

Information about the school carnival has gone home this week with the student's friday mailbox.  Please make an effort to remember to sign the update and return it each week.  It helps to maintain that parent/teacher communication.

Language Arts
We have been reading this week a story about the Titanic.  We even took some time on Friday to do a directed draw activity for the titanic.  Within computer lab, we reviewed some of those grammar skills learned and reviewed this week including alphabetizing with guide words and syllabication.

Please continue to make sure that your child reads at least 20 minutes each night from their AR program. About midway through the trimester, a student record will go home showing progress towards the trimester goal of 20 points.  As they finish a book and take a test, there is also a printout that goes home each week showing their score on the latest quiz.  Towards the bottom of that report, it keeps a running total of their points earned in the school year and the trimester.

We have begun to learn our songs for our first class play, Pirates from Grammar Island. Play dates have been tentatively set for Thursday and Friday, 10/20 and 10/21 at 12:40 PM in the B-pod.  We will pick out parts in the coming week.

Within the math program, we havejust finished up chapter 5 which dealt with expressions and equations with addition. We started to learn more about PEMDAS, the order of operations. We are gradually moving towards multiplication and division.

Science chapter 1 test will be on Thursday of this coming week. Vocabulary and outline sheets worth 10% of student grades will be due at that time. We will do a review within class to continue to help prepare students for the test.

Social Studies
Social studies study guides will be handed out in the coming week. We are wrapping up lesson 5 this coming week. 

We took some time within class on Friday to disucss the Magnificent Map Motif project. Students were shown examples of the project as well. Specific requirements including speech requirements were sent home attached to the updates. Another copy of that sheet can be found here.  The project is due on October 26.