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Classroom Update 4/23

posted Apr 23, 2012, 4:01 PM by Craig Yen   [ updated Apr 23, 2012, 4:05 PM ]
For the next few weeks, we will be working in class on STAR released questions for math first and then english language arts.  Results as well as the questions will be sent home on Friday of each week.  Within class, we will review commonly missed problems as we review a few items prior to testing.

Do note that STAR testing will be in the morning time on 5/8, 5/9, 5/15, and 5/16.  Please be sure that your child arrives to school on time, had a good night's rest, and eats a good breakfast.

We have picked out parts for our next class play, Gelogy Rocks!. The play will be performed on May 17 and May 18.

Original Book
Do note that two copies of the original book are due by Wednesday, May 2. We will talk soon about the "extra pages of the book" including the about the author, dedication, cover page, etc. These are not due on May 2, but will be due in the subsequent days.

Planning a short story sheet
Original Book Assignment
Original Book Schedule

Original Book Formatting


We are currently working on area and perimeter of rectangles, squares, and complex figures. students have been reminded of the importance of properly labeling their work. Following this chapter, we will work more with measurements.

Language Arts
Theme skills test results were sent home this past week. We will start our final theme, Nature: Friend and Foe in the coming weeks. The emphasis with the grammar component of the language arts program for this past theme was the use of pronouns.  Please note that we are about half way through the final trimester. Students should be at about 10 Accelerated Reader Points.  A student record will be attached to the next weekly update.

The next science chapter test is scheduled for Friday, May 18.

Social Studies
Do note that the social studies test will be on Thursday, April 26.  We have been doing a historical fiction read aloud, By the Great Horn Spoon. It is a great way for the students to learn even more about the gold rush period of California's history which will be in the next chapter.