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Classroom Update 3/30

posted Mar 30, 2012, 3:31 PM by Craig Yen
Report of student progress went home with students on 3/30.  Thank you for taking the time to review this with your child.  Please sign the envelope and return to acknowledge receipt.

An explanation of some of the markings follows:


Highest marks available in all areas are 2 for this trimester except for writing applications where students may receive a 3.

In Math

For those standards where the student had demonstrated end of the year proficiency in the 1st trimester and we have not readdressed enough this trimester, there will be a N/A.  N/A will also be in Statistics/Data Analysis & Probability as we had not fully covered this by the end of the trimester.  (There is a unit test on this within student box this past week)

 For all standards where there is not a N/A, the highest mark available is 3, except for Measurement & Geometry (highest 2) and for Mathematical Reasoning (highest 2)

Within math, these past weeks, we have been working on statistics, probability, and data analysis.  A unit test was taken this past week and sent home.

Language Arts
We continue to read within our HM series.  This theme has to do with Heroes.  We read about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and we're currently reading about Gloria Estefan.  For the final story in the theme, we will learn more about Lou Gherig.  Last week, we worked on a summary which was returned to students in their boxes with comments and scores of 3, 2, and 1.

Social Studies
We are wrapping up our mission report.  Social Studies chapter 5 study guides will be given to the students prior to break.  The test will be on Thursday, April 26 when we return from Spring Recess.  We continue to learn more about the period of time leading up to California's statehood.

Within lab and class today, some students were able to visit the "Rock Hound" website to reveiw more about how rocks are formed and to learn more about the different types of rocks.  Within science lab, we started with mock rocks and proceeded to minerals and rocks conducting different tests that geologists conduct including the scratch test and calcite test.  We carefully observed rocks and made observations within our notebooks.