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Classroom Update 3/17

posted Mar 17, 2012, 5:31 PM by Craig Yen   [ updated Mar 22, 2012, 4:17 PM ]
Report of student progress for the 2nd trimester will be sent home with students on 3/30.  There will be a place for a parent signature on the envelope that contains the report.  Please return the envelope.  The report will be for you to keep. 

Please note that the Original Book planning a short story sheet is due by Wednesday, 3/21.  Please follow the guidelines given on the assignment page.  There are additional links below for those that have misplaced the forms.

Within language arts, we completed theme 4 this past week.  Results were sent home with students.  We continue to work on writing.  We stressed the importance of placing commas after introductory phrases to start sentences.  Another conept worked on this theme was identifying and fixing sentence fragments.

We continue or work within writing.  We will be stressing the importance of editing and revising as we finish up our mission reports.  Students should be turning in their planning sheet for their original book by Wednesday of this coming week.  Please help students adhere to the schedule as we continue this project.  Formatting instructions will go home with students in a few weeks.

Within math, we have wrapped up our chapter on statistics.  In our next chapter, we will go ahead work on probability.  We have continued to review different concepts that we have learned through the year.

Within science, we have started our final unit, rocks and minerals.  This unit has 3 chapters.  Should your child do well enough, they will not need to take the final chapter 5 test.  The test for Chapter 3 will be on Thursday, April 5. Science outlines and vocabulary sheets will be due within class this coming week.  

Social Studies
Social studies tests were returned this past week.  WIth the study guides, students are to complete all parts including information for the people / time / place.  This was stated within class multiple times.  Tests were returned with students this week.  This next unit explains California's road to statehood.