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Classroom Update 2/6

posted Feb 6, 2012, 3:49 PM by Craig Yen
Our PEP (parent education program) class continues this coming week.  Be on the look out for handouts that go home on Fridays that explain and help to reinforce. We have learned about ANTSY (refusal skills) and have also learned this past week more about tobacco. Ask your child about Mr. Gross Mouth.

Students continue to work hard on the different writing styles Within class, examples of 4 quality and 3 quality work were shared with the students. We worked some more on the bonsai article in rewriting an intro and a portion of the body of the essay.  For the STAR writing test, the state's rubric is looking for writing that:
  • clearly addresses all parts of the writing task
  • demonstrates a clear understanding of purpose
  • maintains a consistent point of view, focus, and organizational structure, including paragraphing when appropriate
  • includes a clearly presented central idea with relevant facts, details, and/or explanations
  • includes a variety of sentence types
  • contains few, if any errors in the convetions of the English langauage (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling)
This work and the previous week's summary prompt on bonsais was sent home with the students to help them continue to work on and practice for this week's prompt.

We are continuing our decimal unit within math. We have worked on ordering and comparing decimals. We will soon work on rounding as well as adding and subtracting decimals.

Language Arts
We read The Last Dragon the past week which did coincide with Chinese New Year. We continue with daily paragraph correcting sheets to help reinforce the importance of learning and applying those conventions.

The next chapter within science will have us learning more about magnetism. Outline and vocabulary sheets will be handed out towards the later part of the week.

Socail Studies
Social studies test is on Thursday of this week. Students were reminded that they should write down as to why some of the people and places are of historical significance.  Why did the text choose to include them?  Jot down a few facts about each person or place.