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Classroom Update 12/24

posted Dec 24, 2011, 9:54 AM by Craig Yen   [ updated Dec 24, 2011, 10:00 AM ]
We hope that you are enjoying (or enjoyed) your winter recess.  Please note that school resumes on Tuesday, January 3.

Stations for 2012 have been set up for Thursday and Friday afternoons from 1:05 to 2:35.  Please take a moment to sign up via Volunteerspot if you are able to help.  

Attached to this post is information about the science fair.  The proposal sheets are due by Tuesday, January 10 for teacher review and approval.  They will then be returned to the student so that you can start on the project. The project is due within class on Monday, February 6 and speeches will be given on the 6th, 7th, and 8th.  The school's science fair will be in the evening on Tuesday, February 14.  Students were given a project board prior to break.

Science vocabulary and outline sheets for chapter 6 were distributed to the students prior to break. Test is set for January 26.

We continue to work on writing skills with the students within class.

Students will have weekly writing assignments in a few weeks. We will start with some narrative writing tasks.  Writing prompts will be distributed attached to the weekly updates on Fridays and writing will be due by the subsequent Friday.  Students will be expected to complete an organizer and write an edited and revised first draft. We will practice with three different types of prompts, narrative, summaries, and response to literature pieces. The STAR writing test will be on Tuesday, March 6.  Papers will be returned with feedback early on in the week so it can be considered for future assignments.

As we start out the new year, we will continue to review our divisibility rules and work with prime numbers.  For our next unit in math, we will be working with fractions.

Social Studies
We continue to learn about early California. Students will be learning more about the missions within the coming weeks and they will be given the opportunity to choose the mission that they would like to write more about. Much of the work will be done within class.  Students will continue practicing how to locate information as well as how to cite the different sources from which the information came.  

Study guide was made available to students prior to the break. Test is set for February 9.

Craig Yen,
Dec 24, 2011, 9:54 AM