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Classroom Update 10/22

posted Oct 22, 2011, 9:18 AM by Craig Yen   [ updated Oct 22, 2011, 9:38 AM ]
It was nice seeing so many of you at our performances of Pirates from Grammar Island.  The students did a great job performing our class play. I'm sure you could get them to sing you a song or two if you missed it.  We will have two more class plays as we continue through the year.

Do note that the magnificent map motif project is due on Wednesday of this coming week with speeches to be done on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Thanks you again to all that you have done to help support the Fall Carnival. We hope to see you there on Sunday, October 30.

We have started the next chapter within science. In the computer lab, we previewed the vocabulary words for this chapter. We also learned more about Herman the Worm.  For science lab, we dissected flowers learning a little bit more about their parts.  Students have been given the outline and vocabulary sheets with test scheduled for November 17.

Social Studies
Our next chapter is entitled California Indians. We did finish reading the first lesson which talks about the First Californians. Social Studies tests were returned this week. Outlines, scored out of 10 were also returned. (worth 10% of student's grade)

Within math, we are continuing to learn about algebra. We are working with evaluating expressions using the order operations. We then worked more with having variables within these expressions.  The next step will be to solve for these variables.

We have finished up an organizer for the Sacramento Field Trip writing. Feedback for the Muir House field trip writing was attached to the student's update. On Friday, students did take another look at what they had written and we discussed different things that they would work on improving for next time. within writing this week, we also talked about two different types of topic sentences and wrote some paragraphs utilizing these types of sentences. One was a power (number) statements and the other worked on was action verb statements.

Language Arts
Ask your child about the alphabetizing rules that we learned this week that had to do with how one alphabetizes names and the other is how one alphabetizes book titles. This was encountered while going through our Bellworks pages where we continue to reinforce and practice skills. We started our next story, Tomas and the Library Lady, and will finish it this coming week. We did take a spelling test this week with results always available by logging into quia.