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Classroom Update 10/15

posted Oct 15, 2011, 10:10 AM by Craig Yen   [ updated Oct 15, 2011, 10:14 AM ]
Do note that our play performance of Pirates from Grammar Island is this coming week with performances on Thursday and Friday at 12:40 PM.   Parts were chosen by students on Friday, October 14, and scripts were distributed.

Picture make up day is on Tuesday, October 18. Do make sure to bring in old pictures should you need a retake. Envelopes were also distributed this past week should you wish to purchase.

First collection dates for the Fall Carnival raffle will be on Monday, October 17. Thanks again for helping to support the school.

We continue to work with exptressions, inequalities, and equations with all four operations. We are moving towards solving and evaluating these with variables. We stressed the importance of the order of operations as we evaluate these keeping the acronym PEMDAS in mind.

We have also begun to work on NS 3.2, double digit multiplication.

During station time, we had a chance to continue to work on IXL math. Do remember that this resource is also available for students to use at home.

Within our Houghton MIfflin program, we worked with a passage on trains and worked on selecting out key pieces of information. We then applied this note taking skill towards an outline for our Sacramento Field Trip writing piece. Feedback from student's Muir writing will be distributed next week. Punctuation and in particular that of dates (comma usage) was discussed as a common error that students have been making.  (Commas after dates in the middle of sentences)

Language Arts
Theme skills test results were returned with the students this past week. Our class continues to learn about the different parts of speech including adverbs. Within stations, we even got to play parts of speech bingo!  A record of what student have read this trimester came home this past week. Please remember that the goal is to read at least twenty minutes each night and to earn twenty AR points for each trimester.

During lab time this week, we explored more about nonliving vs. living items with a connection back towards ecosystems. Within computer lab time, we did do a vocabulary game which reviewed terms from lesson 1 and reviewed

Vocabulary and outline sheets will be available for students this week.

Social Studies
Test for chapter one is upcoming this week. We will spend a bit more time reviewing. Do be sure to bring in your completed study guides worth 10% of your grade.

Please continue to work on the magnificent map motif project.  Do remember that students will be responsible for a two to three minute speech for their project.