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Classroom Update

posted Sep 23, 2011, 3:29 PM by Craig Yen
Thank you to all the parents who have offered to help for California Cookie Day on Tuesday, 9/27.  If you offered to send in dough, there is a recipe attached to this week's weekly update.  Those parents who offered to volunteer, please arrive to the classroom by 12:40 PM.  It's a delightful way to learn more about the regions of California. Hopefully your child will share some of their cookie with you.

PTA's book fair will be this coming week. On Friday, our class walked through the book fair and students completed a wish list.  I will be reading at the book fair probably some time around 6:30 or 6:45 PM on Tuesday which will be Family Night which will be from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Visit the school's website for more details.

We have finished up our unit on subtraction this week and continue to explore the various ways that we can check our answers with both additionand subtraction problems. The problem solving strategy emphasized towards the last part of the chapter involved either too much or too little information.  With board math, we continue to stress and learn about different problem strategies.  Lastly, with their math homework, students have been given continual word problem practice.  Some math quizzes were returned this week.  Please take some time to review these.

We worked this week on organizing in an outline format with stars, dashes, and dots to organize our work. This week, we also worked a bit more on the different ways that you can start a piece.  A good solid introduction will help to set the tone for the rest of the paper. Students continued to work on their Muir House writing for their memory books.

Language Arts
We finished reading Grandfather's Journey this week and took an AR test for it in the computer lab. Within grammar, we learned more about sentences and how their constructed learning and reviewing the difference between compound subjects and compound predicates.

Within their Interactive Textbooks, students continued to learn through chapter 1, lesson 3 about food chains. Within the computer lab, we worked with the website The Great Plant Escape and learned more about the different parts of the plants, life cycles, flower parts, and more.  We'll be doing more review this next week for lessons 2 and 3 as we continue to prepare for our chapter 1 test.  Our beans continue to grow!  As scientists, we measured their heights and continued to record results as to their growth.

Social Studies
We learned about elevation maps this past week.  We also worked on lesson 3 of chapter 1 which had to do with the climate and vegetation of the regions of California. We worked on a worksheet within class to help understand this material.