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Classroom Update 9/8/12

posted Sep 8, 2012, 10:01 AM by Craig Yen   [ updated Sep 8, 2012, 10:01 AM ]
I understand that Back to School Night might have been a blur, as we did have many things to cover within a short period of time. This class website will continue to be a good resource to be able to locate some of that information, especially under the curricula link.  I appreciate that so many of you signed up for the Remind101 service.  (information was sent home in a previous email and shared at Back to School Night)   

Edmodo usage will be rolling out in the next few weeks.  Written on your weekly update is a unique parent access code to create a parent account.  Parents account allow for you to monitor your child's usage, view any grades that are posted to the site, as well as viewing a unique parent channel where I can share resources and we can communicate as a community.

4th Grade

Language Arts - We read the story "Pumpkin Runner" this week while previewing some of the reading strategies that we will be using through the year including things like summarizing and monitoring and clarifying understanding. We will be starting our fall read aloud, Thunder Dog, this coming week.

Math - We have wrapped up chapter 1 within math that worked primarily with place value. Students learned about place value up to the hundred millions place. Terms such as digits, expanded notation, place value, value, and short word form have been developed. Within centers, we played the circle game where we worked more with the concept.  Students were also given a quiz to see as to what they have learned so far.  In the next chapter, we will work with ordering and comparing numbers as well as rounding.

Writing - We wrapped up our writing for the first day of school for our memory books. We will begin this next week at looking at the narrative writing style considering as to what makes a good writer.

Social Studies - In this next week, we will study about how we can explain California's location in the world.  

Science - Within lab this week, we looked at different types of leaves.

5th Grade 

Language Arts - We read the story "Pumpkin Box" this week while exploring some reading strategies that we'll use through the year.  We will be starting our fall read aloud, Thunder Dog, this coming week.

Math - We are wrapping up chapter one. Within station time, we reviewed concepts from chapter one via the circle game. We wrote a bit in preparation for working on math journals as to what a factor tree does.  Students did take a quiz that was returned this week.

Writing - We have wrapped up our first day of school writing for our memory books.  We'll work on what it means to be a good writer this coming week while working on the narrative writing style.   Within class, the book to movie project was discussed some more. We developed a graphic organizer for the students to use while developing their five paragraph report. 

Social Studies - We began note taking for our regions project in the computer lab. Students should be continuing to learn about the states and capitals in the west. We'll do more in preparation for a states and capitals quiz where the students will have to locate the states on an unlabeled map as well as being able to name the capitals.

Science - Within lab, we learned more about the scientific method.