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Classroom Update 9/15/12

posted Sep 15, 2012, 10:30 AM by Craig Yen   [ updated Sep 15, 2012, 10:31 AM ]

4th Grade

Math - students were given another place value test this week. As part of this, the reverse had them reading and writing numbers.  We've been learning about rounding of numbers up to the hundred millions place.  We've begun to utilize the site Scootpad this week to help practice what we've learned within class.  Students have continued to utilize IXL as well, sometimes being directed to from the flipped instruction.  Do utilize the account that was given to you by me so that progress can be tracked.

Language Arts - We completed our first story this week, Akiak and will reread it early in the week before taking an accelerated reader test for it.  In addition, we have been learning about the different types of sentences as a grammar skill with this story. This coming week, we will learn more about the Iditarod race. Students did take their spelling post test in Quia of this past week. Students should be reading at least 20 minutes from their Accelerated Reader book each night.

Science - Study guides and outlines were distributed within class to the students. They are to complete the rest of the packet which will be worth 10% of their grades.  This will be communicated to the students this week. 

Social Studies - We learned more about California's location in the world. Information about our annual Cookie Day project did go home.

5th Grade

Math - Within math, we continue to flip our instruction. We did wrap up the first chapter within math and the chapter 1 test was given and returned. If students score 70% or less on a math test, they should complete the math correction and return.  Thanks for taking the time to review the tests with the students. This week, we will take another test on these concepts. We continue with chapter 2 in the book where we are working with  concepts including fractions including mixed numbers, improper fractions, simplifying fractions, and comparing them.  We did utilize scootpad this week as well as IXL and this will continue to help to monitor student progress.  When given a review from the book, parents are requested to initial or sign.  It would not hurt to review these with your child prior to the test.

Language Arts - Fifth graders completed reading the first story, Earthquake Terror and did reread the story as well practicing their fluency. Students learned about different types of sentences, subjects and predicates, as well as writing complete setnences. We will take the AR test this coming week for the story. In Quia, students did work with their spelling.  Please continue to monitor your child's progress towards their Book into Movie Project.

Science - Study outlines and vocabulary sheets will be distributed to students this week. Students should complete these to help prepare for their tests.  They will be worth 10% of their grade.  

Social Studies - We have been note taking for our regions brochure project.  To be completed in class, most students have finished the note taking for the Western Region. We utilized our textbook and atlases. Within computer lab, students did practice their knowledge of states and capitals of the western region.