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Classroom Update 4/20

posted Apr 20, 2013, 8:32 AM by Craig Yen   [ updated Apr 21, 2013, 3:27 PM ]
Please remember to return Spring Pictures which went home this past week.  

Do continue to collect and send in Box Tops. We are looking for the top collectors of the year.  Winning classroom for this session will still get an ice cream party.  Overall winner for the entire school year will also get an ice cream party and a trophy to hold onto until next year. 

Thanks to all of our volunteers who continue to help support the stations that we run through the year and also to our library and computer lab helpers.  There's some more spots open as we continue through the year.  Volunteer weekly, biweekly, or just choose a few days.  Sign up below.  Information on how you can help with Colonial Day(5/30, 5th) and with 49er Day (5/31, 4th) is forthcoming soon.  

Monday 4th Grade Stations from 1:30 – 2:30 (max 2)

Tuesday 5th Grade Stations from 1:30 – 2:30 (max 2)

Wednesday 5th Grade Stations from 8:05 – 9:35 (max 2 or 3 depending on day)

Thursday 4th Grade Stations from 1:30 to 2:30 (max 2)

Friday Stations (both 4th and 5th graders) on Fridays from 1:00 – 2:30 (max 2)

 4th Grade

Language Arts

We are wrapping up the current theme within language arts, Heroes.  We continue to read stories and have taken three AR tests for those stories that are within this theme learning more about Gloria Estefan, Lou Gherig, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Grammar skills with this theme have revolved around pronouns. The class will take the theme skills test this coming week. We have continued to read from our core literature book, By the Great Horn Spoon.  Please continue to make sure that students read at least 20 minutes a night for the AR program.

Original book projects are well underway. By now, students did receive their planning sheets back and should have written out chapter 1 already.  (due this past Friday)  Do continue to work with your child to make sure that they remain on track.


Within writing, we have been writing about our experience with Walk through California. We will type these up in the computer lab and put pictures with it through Comic Life so that we can have another page for our memory books.


We've been learning much about geometry and negative numbers these past weeks. Within geometry, we have been learning about points, line segments, rays, and angles. We have then moved on with shapes including triangles, polygons, and learning more about all those types of quadrilaterals. 

Social Studies

Within Social Studies, students continue to learn about how California became a state. We're getting closer to the Gold Rush! Remember that students are responsible for their study guide which is worth 10% of their grade. The Social Studies test is on 4/30.


Science test was taken this past week for Rocks and Minerals. We have been continuing to do a number of different labs where students have learned more through a hands on approach. We started with a mock rock as students were geologists in observing and measuring these rocks and moved towards minerals before having the students examine rocks.

5th Grade

Language Arts

We continue to read stories within the HM reading program. We will focus on more of the skills as these weeks continue. We will start a new read aloud soon. Do continue to make sure that students read at least 20 minutes a night for the AR program.

Students have been working on their magazine project.  This past Tuesday, the first article & activity were due. This next Tuesday, the second article & activity were due. Students were given a planning packet which contained a bunch of organizers that will assist them as we construct our magazines. They were also given a schedule to help keep them on track.  They could possibly use a little hand holding as well. They will be given more time to continue this project in class.  Do help them to make sure to bring their materials each day and that they remain on track for this project. At school, we'll be checking in with them through the week to try to help monitor their project.


Students will be writing for their memory books about the Walk through the Revolution historical presentation. We have been learning about persuasive writing. 


We have transitioned back towards geometry these past weeks. Flip math instruction continues. Do make sure that your child is completing ALL parts of the lesson including IXL work. 

Social Studies

Do remember that the Social Studies test will be on 5/3. Lesson 1 and 2 outlines were offered to students this past Friday. The remaining part of the study guides will be given to students on Monday. We will spend some time within class to allow students to do some of the work with these outlines. Students will be allowed a 3x5 card for the test (both sides). 

Attached to students update was score sheets for their state project including scores and feedback for their brochures, Powerpoint, and presentation. Do make sure to continue to work on the state float project as our parade will be on 5/3.


Science tests were taken this past week. Results were sent home along with the completed study guides, vocab sheets, and outlines. We will be learning about the Solar System next. Ask your child about what we did within the computer lab to help reinforce our understanding of water. 

Upcoming this week, fifth graders will have a classroom water presentation on Monday from the Contra Water District. The field trip will be on Wednesday to the Bollman Water Treatment Plant.  Thanks to those parents who are chaperoning.