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Classroom Update 2/16/13

posted Feb 16, 2013, 8:37 AM by Craig Yen   [ updated Feb 19, 2013, 4:06 PM ]

Curriculum and Associates testing has been occurring these past two weeks. Results from the math portion were sent home a week ago. Results from the language arts portion will be sent home this coming week.

It's hard to believe that we are now past the 100th day of school!  Time is flying by.  Thanks for all the goodies and treats that you brought in for Valentine's Day. We enjoyed strawberries, ice cream, and whipped cream to close out the day. It was great seeing all the science fair projects this past week. Thanks so much for assisting your child with the project. Feedback from the speeches given in the class were returned last week.

Our Chinese New Year presentation and luncheon will be on this coming Friday, 2/22 as we celebrate the year of the snake. Wear red or Chinese attire and please bring in a drink. If you would like to bring in an artifact to share, you are welcome to. Ask about the lanterns we made or the other art projects we have done this past week as we bring in the new year.

Our class play performance of The Incredible Westward Expansion was this past week on Friday. Another performance will be held in the B-pod on Thursday, 2/21 at 11:30 AM.

4th Grade

Language Arts
We are continuing to read in the Houghton Mifflin series and we continue to work through spelling patterns as well as grammar and writing skills. We just read the story Marven of the Great North Woods and we are completing a reading of The Last Dragon which discusses a little bit more about Chinese culture and traditions.

We continue to work on different writing styles. In particular this week, we have continued to work on response to literature writing while writing a response to First Choice. The last writing prompt, another response to literature practice was sent home this past week. Enclosed was also feedback from the summary writing prompt given the past week. Often times, papers were returned to students earlier in the week rather than through their Friday boxes.  STAR writing test is on Tuesday, March 5.

We have been working with fractions these past weeks. Students have been working with terms such as numerator, denominator, and simplest form. We have worked on adding and subtracting fractions and also fractional parts of a number.

Social Studies
We continue to learn about California's early history. Students have chosen a mission to work with. Much of the mission project will be done within class. We've begun our note taking utilizing some websites, books, and hand outs. Students created a timeline and typed this into a word document. We have even set up a Powerpoint Presentation which we will populate with facts as we get further along within the project.

Students have continued to learn about magnetism. In the past labs, we have made a floating compass and made an electromagnet. 

5th Grade

Language Arts
We will be wrapping up this current theme this week. We have finished reading each of the stories within this theme. Students will soon take the theme skills test.  We have begun the core literature book, Bridge to Terrabithia. We will work on a number of skills including how to respond to literature.

Students have continued to work on different concepts including percentages in this most current chapter. They have worked with how to convert between decimals, percents, and fractions. We then worked with comparing and ordering them. Finally, we also worked with calculating percentages of numbers. We will take a quiz in the coming week to test students understanding of these concepts.

Social Studies
Social Studies chapter 4 test was given this past week. Results were sent home with students. Vocabulary and study guides were worth 10% of student's grade and were also returned. For the next four chapters, we will jigsaw them out. Students will be learning about a particular colony as we do Colony Group Work. In doing this, they will only be responsible for the chapter that covers the colony that they are assigned. These past weeks, we have also begun Colonial Crusade where the students have been running on Thursdays.

Science test date has been set for Tuesday, March 5.