This next week is Red Ribbon Week!  (10/15 - 10/19)  The theme this year is “Respect Yourself: Live Drug Free” encouraging children to stay away from alcohol, drugs and tobacco their entire life.

Help Your Child Celebrate by reminding them to come dressed to school wearing the following:
  • Monday, 10/15 Wear Red--- I’m RED-dy to Respect Myself! You can wear something Red every day if you like.
  • Tuesday, 10/16: Hat Day.  Show your pride and self -confidence with the favorite  hat you own.
  • Wednesday, 10/17: Wear your favorite sunglasses because “its cool to Live Drug Free”
  • Thursday, 10/18: Sports Jersey Day: wear team jersey with numbers
  • Friday, 10/19: Wear red, white and blue—I PLEDGE: Respect Myself and Live Drug Free!
It's hard to believe that the trimester is half over. Attached to the weekly updates this week was a student record for Accelerated Reader. It contains information about both student independent reading and information for their reading of Houghton Mifflin stories, our reading stories. Please remember that you can continue to monitor your child's progress online which includes viewing reports for individual quiz results which also contain information on how many points have been earned for the trimester as well as how many points have been earned for the year through Renaissance Home Connect.  Remember that the goal is at least 20 points per trimester with a comprehension goal of 85% or better.

Thanks to all the families who have sent in their emergency preparedness supplies. If you have not yet done so, please do so. Reminders were attached to the weekly updates for those that have not returned their bag.

Fourth Grade

We have been learning about equations, expressions, and inequalities this week which involve addition and subtraction. We have begun to explore the relationship between multiplication and division. We will then revisit learning more about the order of operations and work with expressions, equations, and inequalities with all four operations. We continue to emphasize the relationship between the operations in that they are inverse operations. 

Language Arts
We will wrap up theme 1 this week and take the theme skills test with results to be attached to this week's weekly update. Grammar skills continue to be worked on including proper and common nouns. We continue our work with our Bellworks books which help to reinforce language arts skills including reading comprehension. One of the skill sets within this theme has also been outlining.

We have started chapter 2 within science. Students will be distributed vocabulary and outline sheets this coming week.

Social Studies
Do remember that the social studies test is on Thursday, 10/18. Questions should be answered thoroughly and vocabulary portion should be completed. This is worth 10% of their grade. There will be a review in class the day prior to the test.  Please continue to work on your magnificent map motif projects. 

Fifth Grade

We will take the books chapter 3 test this coming week. We did take some time to continue to work on how to compare decimals as we moved on towards fraction and decimal equivalents. The lessons continue where students are comparing and ordering fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals. There were a few math assessments returned this week. Please review with your child. 

Language Arts
Theme 1 test results were sent home with students attached to their updates. Please review. Within class, we will take some time to go over some commonly missed questions.  We'll launch our next theme this coming week.

We continue to learn about the human body. In the next lab, we will learn about the digestive system.

Social Studies
Students were given the Southeast regions study sheet earlier this week. Typically we have been going over and distributing on Mondays. Eventually, students will be required to know how to label each of the fifty states and to be able to list their capitals as well. We continue to work on our regions brochures.