4/24 challenge

There is not a Google Form to Complete anymore

Challenge 1: Math Review
Complete Google Slideshow with different problems (showing work) They are similar to what you worked on this week. Review work together to make sure what you complete is correct.

Challenge 2: Art: Monkey with Rob
Watch Youtube video (length: 19:43) and draw
Take a picture and post into shared Google Slide and label with your name.

Challenge 3: Complete a Wonder
Choose one of the two Wonders to explore 
You may record in Docs or Flipgrid about the Wonder
(summary, under 1 minute)

Challenge 4: Brainpop: Watch video and take quiz
Make sure to log in to Clever and go to Brainpop or 
go to Ed1stop and log in to Brainpop.

Search for Digital Netiquette or

Post your screenshot on to the slide.
Challenge 5: Ken Ken
Complete the 3 x 3 and 4 x 4 ken kens. Make additional numbers if you need to... 

Challenge 6: Freckle

Do work within  Freckle (math or reading for 15 minutes and take a selfie)

Insert selfie into slide. MAKE sure that you complete the full amount of time.

Challenge 7: Bonus
Your choice. Include evidence.